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Over the last decade, Ghana’s development of its gas fields, along with efforts to import liquefied natural gas, has resulted in a potential oversupply of gas for its market.  With gas consumption concentrated in power sector enclaves, critical attention is required for alternative distribution and utilization options that address demand-side challenges.

The 2021-2022 Forum is being rolled out across two key events to coordinate activities that facilitate downstream gas sector development activities:


The Industry Stakeholder Conference (GGF2021) is structured to propel extensive sector assessment and analysis of growth opportunities in the downstream gas sector.


The Investment Summit (GGF2022) will aim at mobilizing investments and strategic partnerships across a range of solutions in the downstream gas sector.

GGF2022 will attract strong representation from the local and international business and investor community by promoting key sector projects and market analysis.

  • Facilitate early stage project partnerships via resource sharing and technical co-operation

  • Demonstrate government and policy support for key projects

  • Feature detailed demand /supply balance outlook and forecasts.

  • Attain business and investor community buy-in for platform – Gas Chamber – that coordinates and drives post-forum investment related activities and market analysis.

  • Drive efficiency of project planning and implementation activities through peer-to-peer information sharing and business innovation

  • Promote new gas infrastructure projects that reflect on varied gas demand options in and outside of the sector


GGF2021 enables sector stakeholders to build consensus on market, policy and regulatory requirements that cut across entry, gas supply and other investment related activities.

  • Highlight current sector plans, updates and projects

  • Raise awareness among gas and non-gas industry players around the range of auxiliary services and expertise required for current and future solutions

  • Assess issues across the upstream, midstream and downstream gas sector segments in order to invite new industry solutions and policy proposals

  • Demonstrate investment requirements associated with downstream gas sector solutions

  • Provide policymakers and regulators with insights on relevant operational issues for industry

  • Identify opportunities for stakeholder co-operation and resource sharing in the planning and preparation of projects

  • Identify key factors that underpin the supply/demand balance outlook and forecasts.




29 - 30 Nov 2021
Industry Stakeholder Conference


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20-22 Sep 2022
Investment Summit


Registration Closed
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