The Ghana Gas Forum (GGF) is an indigenous knowledge resource suited to players in the natural gas industry with shared interests in policymaking and gas monetization efforts within Ghana and the sub-region. It focuses squarely on relevant gas policy issues that impact the sustainable development of the gas sector by promoting a cross-disciplinary understanding of policy tools and options.

As an integral component of TGC's 5-year “Gas for Development” (or G4D) project, Ghana Gas Forum seeks to highlight policy interventions that lessen policy uncertainty and promote sector sustainability. It engages experts, decision-makers and stakeholders to enhance policy advocacy within the gas industry. 

The stakeholder engagements held at previous editions of the Ghana Gas Forum platform have helped to outline the range of policy issues and challenges. In addition, the advocacy initiatives have also underscored the importance of a holistic collaborative approach that allows for the synchronizing of gas policy planning and implementation via sustained stakeholder engagements.



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